My Favorite new On-the-Go Snack*

6 Aug

Thank you so much to this company, Kalona Organics, for making a size I can eat, no need to add extra stuff (fruit or toppings) low sugar, full fat, organic yogurt! Best of all, it is sooo good. It comes in 5 flavors, the Vanilla is my favorite so far. I mean, I love Greek yogurt as much as the next gal, but sometimes I simply don’t have time or the occasion to spoon some out, add the fruit/honey/nuts/whatever. Also, on another note, even though the Greek Yogurt trend has picked up, it’s nearly impossible to find the full-fat version anymore (because of the low fat craze, I’d imagine). Even Trader Joe’s has stopped selling it. This saddens me. Yes, I try to make time to cook, but I’m a busy gal. There are very few pre-packaged “snacks” in the grocery store I can eat anymore. Most of them have a ton of stuff added that I’d never add if I made it at home. Anyway, I love this stuff. I hope they start selling it everywhere – (hear that, Starbucks?) Right now I can get it at Whole Foods, and, oddly enough, the little liquor store/convenience mart across the street from my house.

In other news, I just signed up for my first CSA! It’s a meat share, all organic, grass fed or pastured meats from local farms in Wisconsin. I cannot wait to see what we will get. I skipped the winter veggie CSA because it will be a lot of potatoes and starchy stuff…but I think I’ll go for the summer one from the same place next year. I am inordinately excited about this purchase. I wish it was November already. Have a great weekend, everyone!

(Oh, by the way, I plan to stop stealing my images from the web eventually, I will start taking my own pics). 🙂


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