Shrimp Salad for lunch…and random pharmacy arguments

30 Jul

I made a big batch of shrimp salad based on this recipe from Real Simple. I am obsessed with Real Simple, it makes me feel like I’m simplifying my own life into a pretty little vintage box with a bow and fresh flowers sprinkled on top. In order to modify the recipe, all I did was make the salad and skip the bread, plus – I made my own mayonnaise. The mayo in the store is filled with not so great oils and filler/thickener, and it’s actually pretty easy to make your own. (It’s also a fun and nerdy pleasure to see the emulsion take place). I like it with a lighter tasting oil like avocado oil, or maybe walnut oil…might try that next. I made this batch with 1/2 olive oil and 1/2 grapeseed since that’s what I had in the pantry. Also, I subbed leeks for the green onion since I shopped at Trader Joe’s and that’s all they had. They were quite delicious and subtle. Can’t wait to have leftovers for my lunch.

Woke up low this morning – 55 on my meter. Ugh. Had some applesauce and dried cherries to come back up. Breakfast was yet another delicious coconut crepe. I had kind of a funny argument with my pharmacy yesterday – it’s hard for me not to get defensive when I run out of supplies and my insurance isn’t ready to cover me yet. I ran out of test strips for my meter (which, I’m sorry, aren’t even a prescription drug that one could possibly overdose), and my insurance says, “oops, sorry, too soon! We don’t cover those until Saturday.” The pharmacist says to me, “well, your dosage says test six times per day.” I test about 8-12 times per day on average, but yeah, since the insurance doesn’t want to cover more strips, I’ll go ahead and reduce that to six…I’ll pay less attention to good control. I know it isn’t the poor pharmacist’s fault but I couldn’t help but be annoyed. Luckily they let me pick them up and pay the whopping $250 fee, and said they’d refund me on Monday. Guess I’ll have to “up my dosage” with my doc. Grrrrr, healthcare and insurance policies.


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